Background: Hud has been an avid sportsman his whole life, having trained in both football and cricket professionally in South Africa where he grew up. He decided to study Personal Training and was accepted into the Sport Science Institute of South Africa, where one of his professors was internationally renowned Tim Noakes. After a few PT jobs in South Africa, Hud met the love of his life Maxine and from there they travelled to Uganda before moving to Dubai. After a very successful few years in their first job they decided to go out on their own, through their passion, hard-work and drive they have built their dream together… The Gym!

Maxine is an exercise specialist, who is from Cape Town in South Africa - “one of the most beautiful cities in the world”. She was a professional ballet dancer for twelve years and loved it but decided to pursue a more solid career out of personal training. Wanting to learn more and also keep fit she decided to join a gym and from there it was ‘love at first squat’!


Background: Ernie is originally Lithuanian but moved to Manchester (United Kingdom) when he was 12. He started going to the gym with his mum when he was 16 as a pact for them to both keep fit. This helped him earn the title as youngest bouncer on the streets of Manchester at the age of 19. At this time he also started studying to become a Personal Trainer and in 2015 moved to Dubai with his fiancé.


Background: Mark is from the beautiful city of Manila in the Philippines. He has five children, two boys and three girls! Mark is the ultimate barista and loves playing around with ingredients to create new flavours. Before The Gym he was working behind bars so never got to see anyone’s reactions, he loves now getting to see people enjoy his concoctions! On the side Mark is also a DJ and used to play lots of gigs in the Philippines, he would spin everything from trance to house and classic old-school beats.


Background: Sesno is from beautiful Cape Town in South Africa, yet always had a dream to work abroad. She grew up working for her sister in a party planning business which she enjoyed but jumped on the chance to move to Dubai in July 2013. She met Hud and Maxine in her first job and on hearing their plans to open The Gym, decided to join the team! Sesno’s favorite thing about working at The Gym is working with people, to help motivate them and make them feel good about themselves - “I like to remind people that there is no such thing as a perfect body and that once you are at The Gym you are already winning”.


Background: Another one of our men behind the Muscle Bar, Jeff is also from Manila in the Philippines and has been in Dubai since 2011. He used to work in a famous Italian restaurant where he found his love for Pasta but loves working at The Gym because he gets more freedom in trying out new recipes! Jeff is one of those lucky one’s who can eat anything and never gain weight but that doesn’t mean he skips his workouts, his favorite quote is ‘No Pain, No Gain!’.